[LATEST, BIGGEST, HOTTEST] Fashion Trends For 2022

[LATEST, BIGGEST, HOTTEST] Fashion Trends For 2022

Social media influencers and streetwear culture are dictating what’s cool and fresh in fashion. Find out how you can continue to be stylish without compromising your morals! Shop our sustainable, ethically-made collection of lifestyle accessories.

Top 10 Hottest Fashion Trends of 2022 Styled with Natural Cork Accessories:

#1 Monochrome Matrix

The black and white color combo is a no-brainer: choose black and white as there’s no pairing as classic as a white top and black pants. Pair it with our Step & Repeat natural cork wristlet.

 #2 Tractor Trek-Sole Boots

These boots will look great with an oversized long sweater dress, achieving the perfect laid-back look. Pair it with our Farmers Market natural cork tote bag.

 #3 Maxies

Cottagecore is a new fashion trend that’s led by boho brands. The maxi dress style has always been one of the most versatile things a woman wears and will always be. Pair it with our Boho natural cork shoulder bag.

#4 Vests & Shests

Try the contemporary fashion trend of shest: a vest and a shirt together. The perfect fall outfit ideas too, that will take you straight into winter. Pair it with our Modern Chic natural cork shoulder bag

#5 Academia Styles

The academia “look” is all about doing more with less. This style throws it back with classic silhouettes and practical staple pieces. Master it during this fall season! Pair it with our Date Night natural cork clutch.

#6 Hot Goth

'Cause an all black outfit is never a bad idea. Pair it with our Women's Vegan Cork Belt.

#7 Shackets

A shirt and a jacket, two of our favorite wardrobe pieces combined into one…how can't we not like this trend? Pair it with our Modern Chic natural cork shoulder bag.

#8 Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are more than just functional — they're surprisingly on-trend now. And our natural cork Journey Belt Bag is the perfect option!

#9 One-Piece Swimsuit

It's not just a bathing suit, it can also double as a versatile bodysuit when paired with your favorite pair of jeans. Pair it with our Brunch natural cork backpack.

#10 Pretty Little Thing Black Dress

Dress it up or down! The one staple piece you need in your closet for any event, for any occasion. Pair it with our Date Night natural cork clutch.

With cork, it's easy to say no to animal-leather and plastic. Do good, feel good!

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