Summer Essentials: Slow Fashion Edition - Featuring Cork!

Summer Essentials: Slow Fashion Edition - Featuring Cork!

Looking for those classic summer accessories that go with just about every outfit? We're big fans of cork for more than one reason, but from a fashion perspective, cork naturally looks good with just about everything! 

Here are our summer must have's that get you through every day of the week:

1. Farmers Market Tote Bag

This bag really speaks for itself. Once you own it, it becomes your go-to bag for everyday. The Farmers Market Tote bag is super roomy, with reliable sturdy straps that won't dig into your shoulder with added weight and an interior zippered pocket for cash and cards. 

When to use it and what can it hold: 

  • Beach Day: A towel, water bottle, sunscreen, glasses and a book
  • Pool with the kids: 2 towels, sunscreen, goggles & a snack
  • Running Errands: Small items you might be picking up at the pharmacy, no need for a reusable or paper bag
  • Dinner at a friends: Two bottles of wine and a box of chocolate!

2. Date Night Clutch 

Cork clutch, versatile crossbody shoulder bag

Capsule Wardrobe Worthy! When we talk about a statement piece, it's always this bag. Summer is hot and you don't want to feel weighed down by your accessories. This lightweight, slim clutch has enough room for your essentials without feeling bulky. The cork and dual color options provide flexibility for this beauty to go with your summer outfits, not to mention it's versatility from shoulder bag/crossbody to clutch. 

When to use it and what can it hold: 

  • A day out in the city: Phone, keys, wallet, tourist map
  • A night out in the city: Phone, keys, wallet, tickets to a show
  • Weddings: Phone, keys, wallet, lipstick, card for the Bride & Groom 

3. Modern Chic Shoulder Bag

cork shoulder bag

Meet the newest addition to the Tiradia Collection, with an incredibly thoughtful design that just hugs the body, you'll forget you're wearing a bag. 

When to use it and what can it hold: 

  • Thrifting for clothes: Wallet, keys, phone, water bottle
  • Dinner with friends: Wallet, keys, phone, makeup bag

4. Brunch Pack

Meet your new bestie. This backpack is so lightweight, it's incredibly comfortable for all day wear. With only 5 star reviews this backpack is a customer favorite. 

What to use it and what can it hold: 

  • Park with your dog: Water bottle, fetch toy, wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses
  • A walk into town: Water bottle, wallet, keys, phone, reading book
  • Scenic day trip: Water bottle, wallet, keys, phone, snacks

5. Journey Belt bag


Convenience is key with this small option. Worn on your waste or across your upper body this is a great option if you're a fan of "less is more". 

When to use it and what can it hold: 

  • Festivals & concerts: Wallet, keys, phone, gum, chapstick
  • Beach: Sunglasses, wallet, keys, phone, sunscreen 
  • Walking the dog: Wallet, keys, phone, treats, poop bags

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